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PETROF社では十周年毎に記念として一台のオリジナルピアノを製作する伝統があります。140周年には非常に独特なデザインのピアノPETROF III 記念モデル Opus 595000が誕生しました。磁石による加速装置の設置により音量調節面が改良され、同時に各メカニック部分の負担が軽減されています。極めて独特で上質の洗練されたデザインは、この楽器を特別な存在たらしめています。

  • Technical specification
     Length (mm)   2035
     Width (mm)1735
     Height (mm)1025
     Weight (kg)_
     Sound board materialResonance spruce wood
     Active area (m²)1,311
     Ribs (number, shape)12, spherical
     Soundboard constructionwedgewise tapered 9 – 7 mm
     Cast iron plateWet sand casting
     Surfacing of iron plateAirbrush – shading for highlighting shapes of the grand piano
     Surfacingpolyester – shade of ivory RAL 1013 Perlweiss high gloss in combination with mahogany accessories (mahogany sateen)
     Pin block – materialMultiplex beech plywood, density 800 - 850 kg/m3
     Inner rim material12 laminas – beech, birch
     Inner rim thickness45 mm
     Wooden frame posts4 longitudinal
     Descant post material spruce
     Cut off bar (corner cross rib)straight beech
     Outer rim – materialSandwich, solid alder wood core, plywood coated, inner venner Ebony Makassar
     Bridge – treblesolid maple wood
     Bridge - basssolid maple wood
     Bridge pinsstell – ground tips
     Agraffes material – numberbrass, 1-50
     Duplexess - fronth1 - c5
     Duplexes - rearfis1 - c5
     Strings - materialsteel wire Röslau Germany, cooper winding Degen Germany
     Hitching of plain stringssingle
     Dampers - numberled.69
     Actionstandard -  RENNER - PETROF
     Hammer headsRENNER original
     KeyboardTangential sawn spruce wood, individually balanced with lead
     Black keysEbony wood
     Pedalsleft - Unacorda (Piano) pedal,     middle -  Sostenuto (Prolongement) pedal,     right - Sustein pedal
     Legs and castorsstandard legs, small unbraked castors
     PETROF sign on right side wallPETROF
     Felts colourred + black
     Hydraulic slow close fallboard mech.yes
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