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"Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová is the fifth generation of the heirs of famous Czech PETROF piano brand. During the last ten years, it seemed several times that this generation will be the last: the PETROF brand was under the bad influence of the world economic crisis. But she didn't give up. Nowadays Petrof is heading to the top again."

"The story of PETROF piano brand is the story of two centuries. During those two centuries this renowned manufacturer of top high quality grand and upright pianos have suffered during the World War II., the economic crisis of the late twenties and finally communist nacionalization. Responsibility and respect to the family tradition was the main motivation, when Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová suddenly at the beginning of the new millenium decided to leave the pharmaceutical business and attempt to family factory. The company was rebuilt and saved by her. However, the company goes much further. PETROF piano brand returns back to the world top piano manufacturers."

"In 2008 we were at the Shanghai music fair in China and we felt how the american economic crisis badly effects the whole world. At that time we had 60 percent of the production dependent on one sale partner, but it was a big mistake. Nowadays 76 percent of company's turnover has been established with dozens of sales partners from the East of the world. Russian and Chinese people's mentality is different. When they decide to buy luxurious high quality products, they equal pay for them. They hate debts. The American way of thinking is completely different. The Americans feel free to buy even the shoes on installment. The behavior of the East markets in paying for products is incomparable with the U.S.."


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