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In the last days, we commemorated one of the greatest musical legends of all time. The king of swing, singer and actor Frank Sinatra would celebrate his 100th birthday this year. This anniversary is celebrated by his fans all around the world, and commemorative concerts were held in our lands too  – on 10th December in Bobycentrum in Brno, on 11th December in Gong in Ostrava and final concerts on 12th and 13th December in Obecní dům in Prague.

We provided our concert grand piano ANT.PETROF 275 for all these concerts.

Gala concerts starred famous personas accompanied by RTV Big Band Felixe Slováčka band. The main specialty of the Sinatrology project was a unique dramaturgy based on Sinatra’s classic and new arrangements of the most famous hits of the Golden Era of Swing. The audience could listen to over 50 Sinatra’s evergreens performed by 16 soloist from 4 countries, accompanied by the 30 strong orchestra led by Felix Slováček.

Recorf from the gala concert aou can watch here: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/11150240741-sinatrology/21554215005


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