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Pianist of the year, a competition which leads back to the tradition of live music inside coffee bars and lounges of hotels

A second volume of the competition Pianist of the year organized by PETROF company in collaboration with New York Café Prague took place in Prague´s hotel Boscolo from 2nd February to 30th March. After five rounds marathon the jury chose the most talented pianist, Michal Šupák. 

The winner has to be not only a brilliant player, but other important fact is if he has a capacity to entertain the audience and improvize in large scale of musical genres. The range of music styles during the competition was really wide. From jazz tones, latin-american rhythms, songs of the famous Czech duo Suchý and Šlitr to the music inspired by Japanese videogames.

There was also presented this year´s PETROF newcomer

Participants played the piano P 210 Pasat, provided by the PETROF company, which became thanks to its qualities the most popular model of PETROF master serie, an ideal instrument for this kind of events. Furthermore, during the final round, competitors had an unique opportunity to play the anniversary instrument, ANT.PETROF AP 275 piano, made for 150 years of the company. It was named after the founder of the company, Antonín Petrof, and it was projected by the innovation center of Petrof company as an instrument for great world´s podiums and the most exigent players.

This competition brings to the winner, together with some financial reward, also the possibility of taking part in important concerts. Petr Ožana from the last year got a chance to play on the gala concert in Prague´s Lucerna Hall and started the fruitful collaboration with the famous Prague´s theatre,  Semafor.

The objective of this competition is to give chance to talented pianists to show their potential, indifferently to their sex, age or education and also to bring the live music in public places as it was years ago. This is one of the aims of the Petrof company. So we are looking forward to the next year´s volume and other beautiful experience in listening pleasurable tones of PETROF  instruments under the hands of promising pianists.


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