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Dear music friends, it is pleasure to announce the winner of our international competition GIVE ME MY NAME.

As part of this competition, we were looking for a name for our newly redesigned P 131 M1 piano. During the competition, we received almost 13,000 name suggestions from all over the world. Thank you very much! The proposals we received were very interesting and it was a difficult task to choose only one name.

After much deliberation, the jury chose the name "FLOW" for the piano.

As part of the evaluation, we decided to name our upright pianos in connection with the nomenclature related to water and waterways. The English word "FLOW" can be used in both connotations with the flow of water and wind (our grand pianos are named after the types of wind), so this upright piano can draw an imaginary link between upright pianos and grand pianos thanks to its name.
The word "FLOW" also refers to an activity during which we forget time. It's a state where we really enjoy something. And that's the state of mind we want to convey to the players of our pianos.

The proposal for the name "FLOW" was first sent to us (specifically on October 16) by Jacob Hamborg from Denmark.

The winner was also notified via email.

Thank you once again for your interest in the competition and for your support of PETROF.


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