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PETROF Gallery no. 2 had a grand opening in Xi´an, China, on June 1, 2019. Being only the second PETROF Gallery in the world, it was given an official name PEGA_002. The first one is located in Hradec Králové, the home town of PETROF.

The grand opening had been attended by the head of PETROF, Susan Petrof, by Klára Jurčová from Czech embassy in Beijing, and a number of Chinese high-ranked music institute members, mostly from conservatories.

As a part of the celebration, Richard Pohl, a pianist and his wife Xingxing Wang, a Chinese sopranist, were welcomed into the PETROF Art Family.

Xi’an PETROF Gallery follows its twin’s philosophy. The gallery is a place to meet over a cup of coffee and play PETROF and PETROF Brand Family instruments.

Xi’an is one of the oldest cities in China. Its origins can be placed in the 11th century BC. The city is well-known for the discovery of the Terracotta army in 1974.

We believe the new PETROF Gallery will be beloved and sought-after as the PETROF Gallery in Hradec Králové is.


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