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Dear music friends,

We would like to share some great news with you.

Members of our PETROF Art Family - Duo Petrof: Anatoly Zatin & Vlada Vassilieva have been awarded Global Music Awards Gold Medal for the best of show honours for their album Anatoly Zatin: Works for Piano in the categories of contemporary classical and composer.

This album is comprised of bold and dynamic compositions, written by Anatoly Zatin, one-half of the duo. This is the first project of the duo's to be wholly composed by Zatin, whose storied career began as the youngest member of the Leningrad Union of Composers and continued internationally, across Europe, Asia, and now in the duo’s current home of Mexico. Making full use of dual pianos, each piece is marked by complex and layered melodies, featuring Zatin’s instrumentation along with the superb Vlada Vassilieva, a decorated musician in her own right, and Marco Reyes. Be sure not to miss the impressive and exciting work of these best-of-show honorees.



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