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An outstanding event took place on Saturday, November 23, 2019, in Beijing. It was a celebration of three significant anniversaries: the 70th anniversary of Czech-Chinese diplomatic relations, the 100th anniversary of the founding of AKORD brand and the 155th anniversary of the PETROF company.

The most important personalities reflecting these anniversaries attended the event: Susan Petrof, the executive of PETROF, Czech Ambassador for China Vladimír Tomšík, the owner of Czapka company, Mr. Sun, who produces the AKORD pianos, and Mr. Zhang, the CEO of the Czapka company.

The invitations were also accepted by representatives of the Chinese Musical Instrument Manufacturers Association, government representatives, business partners, and music educators. Chinese media, including the largest CCTV television, was also present.

Representatives of Czapka company received a valuable gift from PETROF: the exquisitely refurbished AKORD upright piano from 1921 and an album with photographs depicting the entire renovation process.

The Czech pianist Richard Pohl and his wife Xingxing Wang performed at the celebration. Both artists are members of the free association of artists PETROF Art Family.

The AKORD brand is a part of the PETROF Brand Family. The production of AKORD pianos started in PETROF in 1919, and after a hundred years since its foundation, it is experiencing another successful period.

We wish the Czapka company a successful business in the future, and we look forward to further cooperation.