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Concert show was provided with a piano from PETROF

Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers surely don’t need much introduction. They do authentic interpretation of popular music of early and top swing from the beginning of thirties to early forties. Their diverse repertoire includes attractive songs from a wide genre range, from Hollywood musicals to top swing big-band pieces. The concert show is stylized in typical contemporary manners with all the details like costumes and hairstyles of the interprets, and also the whole directing of the performance.

On 10th February, in the great hall of the City Library in Prague, they interpreted, together with piano virtuoso Karel Košárek, some of the hottest captivating pieces by American jazz genius George Gershwin, including the original version of his famous Rhapsody in Blue.

Thunderous ovations from the excited audience are really the best way to describe the atmosphere and success of this exquisite concert.